Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Michaelsen & Morgan were Outwrite Awesome!

My copy of Men, published by loveyoudivine is now officially autographed by two awesome authors, Jon Michaelsen and Alex Morgan!

I packed up the gang, my 2 youngest boys and myself, and embarked on a road trip to Atlanta yesterday. Let me tell you, it was an experience!

Never having ventured into the midst of the city and having politely declined a personal tour from Mr. Michaelsen himself, I found braving the traffic and conquering the routing patterns of one-way streets a bit of a challenge on our way to our first destination - Piedmont Park. "Okay guys, we're finally here!" I shouted into the back seat and my 7 and 9 year olds scrambled out of the Jeep.

Piedmont Park, not just any park let me tell you. A privately owned, nearly 200 acre nature conservancy with biking and jogging trails, playgrounds, pavillions, and game courts, described by my kids as, "Wow! It's like a giant MAZE!" Glad they were having fun, but after diligently hunting for a playground in which to deposit them so I could sit under the shade of a giant Magnolia and enjoy a book for over half an hour, I was more than happy to flag down a groundskeeper.

"As you can see," I motioned to our trio, "we are obviously, tourists." He tossed his dirt-caked workgloves to the side and with a smile asked how he could help us. "Just point me in the direction of the nearest playground, and we'll be out of your hair." I was about to pull what little I have, out by then.

I claimed a quaint shaded picnic table, and set about reading. In the grips of a particuliarly erotic scene, my leg was acosted by an overly eager male chihuahua, who's owner, when my look clearly said, "Reign in your freaking horny beast!", seemed to find my predicament rather amusing. After freeing myself of the frisky critter, I secured my feet upon the bench with a final glare at the wayward dog's owner.

Not an hour later, I was approached by a gentleman in his mid thirties. Interrupting my book, he gained my attention by excusing himself. Annoyance on my face as I peered up into coal black eyes and blacker hair, if that were possible, 6'1", 175 lbs of lean muscle, obviously a runner, I thought, and a tank and shorts to match...Damn....

Ah, how looks can be deceiving though. He asked if I would be there after 5 pm. To which I informed him, only if I had a good reason to be...it depends. "We're having a party," he started. I like parties, I thought, and smiled. A look of confusion flooded his face and he began stammering. Long story short, he wanted me to give up the picnic table to him and his crew because it was in the shade. Worst part - he bribed me with a sandwich or a drink if I'd leave!

I told him he could keep his sandwich, rounded up the kids, and made on our way. Jerk.

We next had a bodacious feast at The Flying Biscuit restaurant. It wasn't the food I found intriguing as much as our server, and I couldn't agree more with my boys when they invited her home...poor thing, she was a good sport.

Last on the itinerary, Jon Michaelsen' and Alex Morgan's book signing at Outwrite Bookstore across the street.

Browsing the Erotic section, my youngest inquired if he could read one of the books. "..." my first reaction, my second, "You realize there are men having sex with other men in these books, right?" He grinned, and replied, "YEAH! Can I read one?".... Oh boy...I handed him one of the mystery novels I had in my arms, which seemed to satisfy him for the time being.

I ended up buying more books to add to my backlist of reading. If you haven't visited Outwrite Bookstore & Coffeehouse in Atlanta, you've deprived yourself of an awesome experience. Wonderful atmosphere with some of the most helpful and friendly folk I've ever met.

Jon and Alex arrived, as did the beginning of the grand finale of experiences for the day. Winding up their excerpt readings, they prodded the audience for questions. Very informative and insightful session...until Alex looks my way and says, "Yes, you have a question?" (I didn't raise my hand and I suddenly got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I glanced over my shoulder to see my youngest son waving his hand frantically in the air) Oh Dear God, now what?

While Jon, bless his heart, chose a tamer excerpt from his story, Voyeur, Alex's excerpt from his story, Safe Word, was a bit colorful, yet vague enough as to not offend. But, my young one, a genius in the making, was not satisfied. Apparantly, Alex's reading was "too vague". My son wanted to know "Exactly, why was Corey's boss so mad at him? What did he do that was so bad?"

Well, now we were in a fix, for Alex could not rightly explain to a 7 year old that Corey had fallen to his lusts and was preoccupied in a wild bout of BDSM while he was supposed to be investigating a murder...Oh, dear....

I must applaud both Jon and Alex's professionalism last night. Jon hid his nervous swallow and his sideways glance at me, while Alex inhaled deeply, inconspicuously wrung his hands and replied, "Corey was supposed to be investigating a murder and he didn't do his job and another man was murdered, so his boss was angry with him." WHEW - giant exhale on my part; and my son, although not satisfied with the answer at least kept his mouth shut until we returned home.

All in all, I enjoyed my journey to Atlanta. My boys? Well, my youngest, of course, has already informed me that he will attend every book signing with me in the future. Kids. You gotta love 'em.

Men, is a collection of "hot, gay romance tales that will make even the manliest men sweat with passion and desire..."; by authors, Patricia Oshier Bruening, Anastasia Rabiyah, Carol McKenzie, Jon Michaelsen, Alex Morgan, and Max Griffin. Published in 2008, by loveyoudevine press.

Men, can be purchased at loveyoudevinepress.com or amazon.com

Never discount experience,



  1. Hi Bryl!
    What an adventure for you and your boys! I wish I could have been there with my co-authors to meet you and sign your book!
    Much love,
    Anastasia Rabiyah

  2. Thank you, Anastasia.
    As a matter of fact, I just finished reading your story in Men, "The Blindfold" this evening.

    psst - You don't happen to have Marcel's phone number do you?

    I'm telling you honey, he's a total hotty! I'd so like to sink my teeth into...oops...never mind.

    I would love to meet and get your signature also - some day...hmmm, now I have an excuse to carry the book with me at all times. Ooh, how convenient! One can never be "too" prepared, lol.

    Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the fact you took the time to read my post.

    Later Sweetie,

  3. Hi.You had quite an adventure with you're boys, but I must admit they provided the highlight in this story. I'm glad you enjoyed things and never question the wisdom of a child. I'm always surprised by what they say and I have three of them!

    Patricia Oshier Bruening

  4. Ooh, another Author from MEN!!
    Hi Patricia!

    That's my boys...All 5 of them have inspired my writing in one way or another...And I incorporate my oldest daughter as a proof reader, lol.

    You all are going to have to keep me updated on your journeys...especially if they bring you anywhere close to Atlanta!

    Truly, I chalk up my good time to the kindness and helpfulness of Jon and Alex.

    I found them to be very professional. It made me feel proud to know them, even if it was for just a short while before I had the opportunity to meet them in person.

    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read my post.