Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Book Review: VGL Male Seeks Same

VGL Male Seeks Same
Rick R. Reed
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: ISBN 978-1-60272-430-3
Amber Quill Press

Recommended for all romance lovers!

Have you ever reached the point where you faced the mirror and pondered, “Maybe I’m destined to be alone?”

Ethan has, and yet, he finds no solace in accepting that as his fate. Lifestyle choices only exacerbate his loneliness. For even though he’s pushing middle age, he’s far from having a face only a mother would love. Ethan could frequent the bars or clubs and, from the variety, pick up a nice-looking man to unwind his loneliness. Maybe for the night, a few days, a week, or maybe a few months, enjoy the company and waning affections of a stranger, all the while, hoping this one may turn into something more, but that’s not what Ethan wants. No, he longs for substance, compatibility, a special someone, who's in it for the long haul. A man, Ethan can feel comfortable around, a man with similar tastes, likes, dislikes, a man, whom perhaps someday, Ethan can fall in love.

After overhearing a coworker rambling on about an Internet hook-up site, Ethan begins to wonder if maybe his conventional methods of finding love are outdated, maybe evolved. With trepidation, he recreates his personal best for the site and places himself on display in the virtual meat-market. Maybe he’ll find a man, unable to find what he seeks using conventional means, on the verge of declaring celibacy, taking a chance with this modern marketplace, in hopes of finding a man like Ethan.

When his honest portrayal fails to draw interest, his self-esteem in the balance, Ethan reasons, a touch of dishonesty might be okay. Thinking many of these virtual studs must be doing just that, besides, he’d never have to meet face to face. His fanciful decision pays off. One look at Ethan’s improved (fake) user pic, and he’s bombarded with propositions. Among those, Brian, a man with substance, a man possessing uncanny compatibility with Ethan, the man of Ethan’s dreams, resides. Mutual feelings abound, Brian making his intentions clear. Problem, one of those intentions involves meeting Ethan in person.

We see a different side of Rick Reed, the horror writer, in VGL Male Seeks Same. In this contemporary romance, Reed proves his skill mapping emotion and inner workings of a lonely person in search of love, true love. While portraying loneliness often calls for angst, Reed artfully paints Ethan as realistic a person as any one of us.

Ethan, a man, who knows himself and what he wants, a personable man, who seeks same. Most can relate to this, as I did. With each new feeling, emotion, and reaction revealed, I found myself recalling when I had been there and done or felt, exactly as Ethan. Fully entwined with Ethan’s life, when Brian enters the scene, I found myself, once again, reliving my past – errs and poor judgment calls, along with the consequences.

Brian appears almost too good to be true at first, and he is, in his own way. Here again, Reed’s arsenal of skills shines, as Ethan and Brian embark on the rollercoaster ride of a budding relationship. Using realism and lighthearted humor, Reed illustrates his intended message – Know thyself, believe in who you are, remain determined in your dreams, and never give up hope – somehow, from somewhere, your prince will come bearing a love incomparable.

VGL Male Seeks Same is a realistic, yet lighthearted romance you will close with a knowing smile.

5 out of 5 stars

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