Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If I Were a Lady… Now Available at NRP!

How do you tell your boss, a man as gorgeous and chivalrous as Jasper Elementary Principal Valerian Riche, no? That's quite all right. Fifth grade English teacher, Kendra Wright doesn't know the answer either. But wishes she did. For if her secret's revealed, she'll not only lose the attention she's craved for so long, but also her career.


"Kendra, let me explain."

I unfolded my arms and clenched my hands into fists at my side. Wrong answer. Livid-no, beyond livid-I whirled around screaming. "Shut your damned mouth until you know why I'm angry with you!"

The louder I yelled, the faster he retreated. My fury halted only when he did. With his legs backed against the oak desk, his hands curled over its edge, him leaning as far back as possible without toppling backward, me, leaning over him, I stopped. Everything stopped-my rant, Val's movements, my ability to breath, and time.

I fixated on his less-than-confident bottom lip, wanting nothing except another taste, his touch . . . . The whites of his eyes grew, but he didn't blink as I kicked his feet apart, straddled a leg, and hovered inches away from him.

One finger between his collar and tie, I loosened it from his neck and edged the knot down the tie's length. Our mutual silence balanced on matching stubbornness. I slid the tie through his stiff collar and pulled it free, catching a lightening quick streak of trepidation in those marble-black eyes. From the mist collecting above his brow, I figured he probably hoped I hadn't noticed.

I straddled him, hovering less than an inch above his thigh. My skirt bunched higher as I closed the distance until I was sure we exchanged breath. "You want to kiss me, don't you?" I lifted his right hand and cinched the quickly lineman-knotted tie around his wrist.

Anticipation danced in his eyes. Yet he remained as stone when I changed position with a hike of my leg. He thought his will stronger than mine. I pressed between his parted thighs and wiggled until I loomed inches from his chest. Lifting and moving his free hand to join the other, I secured his wrists behind him.

His push upright ended with me pressing my forehead in defiance at a hardened pec. I held my post and moved quickly to unfasten his belt and pants. The shifting muscles in his chest told me he worked hard to stifle a chuckle. He thought he had me, and almost did, as my inhale carried his fresh-pressed scent to delight my palette.

"Do you like it like this, Val?" I stepped back, tossed him a seductive gaze, and withdrew the belt from his pant loops.

His lapels reached higher with each breath, but I received only a twitch of his right brow in response. I kicked off my shoes, lowered myself to my knees, shoved his feet together, wound the belt twice around his ankles, and buckled it tight.

As I hesitated, my fingers dawdling on the clasp of his pants, he whispered my name. I jumped up, straddled his bound legs, and leaned in for the kill. The tips of our noses brushed. Our eyes locked in a battle stare. "Tell me you like this, tell me you want it."

With my crotch brushing over his clothed erection, I slid my tongue across the seam of his lips, accentuating the velvety touch of my words. "Say it."

A single bead of sweat trickled along his rough cheek. I grabbed two fistfuls of hair and pulled him closer. I licked a trail from his chin to the bridge of his nose before ghosting my painted lips over one set of lashes. "You like?" My words floated as smooth as my breath, as soft as the wisps of lashes at my lips.

I lost my grip and stumbled backward as he reared upright with a start. "For God's sake, Kendra! Suck my goddamned dick!"

If I Were a Lady...
a Homoerotic Romantic Comedy, by Bryl R. Tyne

ISBN 978-1-60592-025-2
If I Were a Lady Copyright 2009 Bryl Tyne

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