Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dreamspinner Press contracted PULL!

Got a surprise in my email last night, a contract for my short story, PULL. DSP says it’ll be out in September.

Here’s a teaser for you too impatient to wait.

PULL by Bryl R. Tyne


Nineteen years old, disowned, and stripped of family funds, Charles (Chaz) Miller is just trying to survive the scorching summer heat on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. Good thing he’s got skills, considering he’s landed himself a noteworthy and steady john. How was he to know his new interest is one of Charlotte’s finest, Vice Detective Christian (Chris) Conley? Unknown to Detective Conley, the sting’s been bumped up a day. With Chaz on his knees in the park men’s room on the last day of Conley’s vacation, Conley must think fast when vice storms in unscheduled. With the help of his attorney sister, pro bono, Conley and his sister use their pull to land Chaz a shot at redemption through Mecklenburg County’s new prostitute rehabilitative program. Who’s teaching whom, when Chaz discovers his mentor for the next six months is Detective Conley?

Pull Copyright 2009 Bryl R. Tyne

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