Monday, July 27, 2009

BEST UNSPOKEN Reviewed by Lily

Always wonderful to start the week with an insightful review of one of my books. Lily, at I Love Books, posted a very insightful review of BEST UNSPOKEN. I’m extremely happy that she enjoyed the story and came to understand my characters, Levi & Rob.

Lily says about BEST UNSPOKEN, “I really enjoyed this story. The plot is simple without being boring, it’s solid and well-written, the characters are interesting and the sex is hot. My favorite part is at the end, when we witness the true depths of the bond between Levi and Rob. Despite all outward appearances, their relationship is solid, built on love and trust, and Levi’s rediscovery of that makes for a wonderful ending to this story.”

And then goes on to highlight one of my favorite parts of the book…My mother hadn’t a clue. Rob was neither jealous nor controlling. My friends were so wrong. This was how we discovered each other’s needs, filled each other’s desires. Our communication was best unspoken.


Read the full review here!

I hope my readers understand how much it mean to me to get such a thorough review of my work. I can’t thank Lily enough. Happy Monday, All!

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