Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taste of VAMMP: Conquering Dissension

BOYS OF THE BITE, a Gay Vampire Anthology

edited by Cecilia Tan

ISBN 9-781-60777-178-4

Ravenous Romance

VAMMP: Conquering Dissension by Bryl R. Tyne


Alan awoke as his Darrel dreams grew erotically vivid. With a groan, he rolled to the side and came to an abrupt stop. His tented boxers sufficed as a kickstand. Alan stared into the blackness. Four hours of rest had healed his abilities some. His hearing seemed keener, and he picked up curious sounds. It was a resonance he welcomed, as it heightened to a fiery boil the blood Darrel had stirred but left unsatisfied. Alan slid from the bed, donned clean jeans and T-shirt from his duffel, and crept into the dimly lit hallway.

He would bypass Darrel’s room. Instead of taking the stairs down, Alan tiptoed further into the hall until he found a narrow staircase. He climbed each step with stealth, reached the third level, and took four strides to his left. Half a set of French doors unlatched and opened easily, and he stepped out onto the balcony.

Darkness called to him. Like an addict, each wanton cry carried on the wind beckoned him. As unbridled lust worked its magic, the night’s raw bawdiness mesmerized him, drew him. He scaled the balcony’s railing and alit on the hillside with the finesse of a cat. As if bewitched, he followed the intoxicating moans.

Less than a mile from the house, he sniffed the breeze and pinpointed the aroma of intimacy. Moonlight cast a surreal eeriness upon the source, a stable set low in a valley. Anticipation raced through his veins as he descended a ridge, closing the distance to satisfaction. Cock stiff and ready for action, Alan focused on the orange glow that illuminated the coarseness of rough-cut siding and swept closer.

He needed no further inspection. Already having deciphered the throaty grunts and quickened heart rates minutes ago, he’d determined the situation beyond this barrier involved sweat, sex, and men. One rap on the metal-banded wood yielded a gorgeous, half-naked hunk fastening his jeans. “¿Hola. Qué quieres?”

Hmm, an open door... All the invitation Alan wanted. As his greeter swiped damp locks from his face, Alan drank in the man’s sweat-moistened, bronze chest, fixating on a droplet winding through fine dark hairs splayed over work-formed pecs. With a wry grin and a lift of one brow, Alan locked eyes with the man, who invited Alan inside without further question.

Alan followed the man up wooden slats to a loft, noting how the light from two turned down lanterns cast perfect shadows on the man’s rounded, jean-covered ass. With flannel shirt in hand, the man’s partner stood and made a clumsy attempt to hide his pale and freckled nakedness as Alan cleared the ladder. Spanish undertones rose in decibels, as the man, who’d allowed Alan inside, tried to convince his friend of Alan’s harmlessness. Alan stepped nearer to offer his vote, and smirked at the men’s hungry gazes running the course of his body, delighted when they hesitated on the bulge in his jeans.

“You’re Master Darrel’s friend, right?” the paler of the two men asked.

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