Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review: Number Theory by Noah Bogondoff

Number Theory (LGBT Voices) by Noah Bogdonoff
Diversity (Minority Short Story Line) 
Untreed Reads Publishing

A high school boy finds out that in both love and algebra, solving for 'x' may not always get you the result you expect.

When I heard this new short story from Untreed Reads Publishing was written by an 18 year old, I was compelled to purchase it immediately. I'm extremely pleased I did too! Number Theory is a quick read at only 1570 words, but it was well worth the buck and some change. Fast, funny, and true to life . . . so true to life, I felt as if I were back in school again. I could smell the the chalk, see the teachers in all their haughtiness, and feel the stare of the kid sitting next to me. That one look, that one moment so utterly confusing and yet so enlightening you never forget it--that's what Number Theory is about. How all at once, one's life can be suddenly turned upside down and yet set right, this story's few words illustrate that moment to perfection. Much like all things Math, Number Theory was flawless. Perfect.
The author of Number Theory, Noah Bogdonoff, is only 18 years of age. All I can say is should this young man pursue writing as a career, he will definitely succeed. Bravo to you, Noah! Give us more. Please.

As a kickoff to Pride Month at Untreed Reads Publishing, Number Theory is available at 15% off through June 9th. Just use the discount code: PRIDEMONTH when ordering. Here's the link:

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