Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Release: The Zagzagel Diaries: Lost

The Zagzagel Diaries: Lost
By Bryl R. Tyne
Copyright 2010 by Bryl R. Tyne and Untreed Reads Publishing
Cover Copyright 2010 by Dara England and Untreed Reads Publishing
Untreed Reads Publishing

The angel Zagzagel finds himself under direct orders from Big Papa to do his job and not interfere with fate's outcome for his charge Charley. Charley's had her own share of issues and loss in her life, and Zag's pretty sure she deserves a break this time. Unable to follow the orders from Above, Zagzagel begins to realize that he may not be able to fulfill his duties much longer. Can he help Charley find closure and peace in his own way, or is it time to give up his wings? This is Diary Entry #4 of 6.The End Is Near!

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