Thursday, December 9, 2010

4.5 stars out of 5 for TOUGH GUY @ Reviews by Jessewave

Thank you, Val Kovalin for the review @ Jessewave!
Summary Review: "This romantic comedy is more sexy than gritty, and definitely recommended."
As all reviews at Jessewave, the reviewer left nothing in the story to chance. I don't think I've  received such an in depth and insightful review in a while. Val goes on to say...
"Meanwhile, the novella has a lot to offer in its flawless writing, the appealing character in Paul, and the hot sex scenes. The author is especially good at simultaneously increasing both sexual tension and comic tension, which would seem to be mutually incompatible, but which complement each other throughout. Take this excerpt from page 48 during the Tough Guy semi-finals:
Hat in hand, arm outstretched, he’d put the squeeze on that quart of ice-cold water he held overhead. As the water poured, soaking his hair, and running in several rivulets over the planes of his back, he let out a feral growl. I secretly begged him to turn my way, to let me have one glimpse of that smattering of hair matted wet to his chest, that treasure trail he boasted so proudly in his fighting stance, dripping a steady stream of water onto the front of his jeans.
Tony answered Hart’s challenge with a grunt of his own, pushed away from the gate, twisted open his cold bottle of water, and proceeded to dribble it in trickles over one shoulder, his face, his other shoulder, continuing the self-torture in a slow, controlled motion.
I looked on, eyes wide, heart pounding, blood rushing south, as the two of them carried out their fixed-glare Neanderthal stare down, their nipples beading harder with each drizzle of water taking its sweet time over every ridge, dip, and curve. I swore, if the two of them touched, I was a goner, and I hadn’t had a wet dream since I was seventeen.
This is a great scene, and overall Tough Guy is a comical, sexy treat to read."

I am thrilled with this review, and even more so that the reviewer enjoyed the story this much. You can read the full review HERE.

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