Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pride Month Schedule

Busy to slightly insane, with the possibility of sudden bursts of bewilderment…

Yes, and this is the upside of the forecast. When once Summertime meant, I pitched a tent in the mountains, lounged along the bank–pole cast, or spent a lazy, BBQ filled afternoon with friends and family, I now work…to be a child again.

So much for daydreaming.

Yay! It’s Pride month! Ugh! I’m busier than I’ve been in awhile. Hang with me, check me out, stop by, leave a comment, tell me what sucked about my latest book. Whatever, just find me online if you have time. Anyway, here’s my June agenda-to-date:

JUNE Featured Authors @ The Romance Studio Blue — ME! (I’m 1 of many) Drop by anytime this month!

Tuesday, June 2 - I and other authors from Phoenix Rising Promotions will be at Author Raine Delight’s Yahoo Group

Wednesday, June 3 - I join my fellow authors and friends from Noble Romance Publishing at PromoPRP Yahoo Group

Friday, June 5 - Phoenix Rising Promotion managers & Authors celebrated GAY Pride at Beth Wylde’s Yahoo Group

Tuesday, June 16 - Guest Author on Author Raine Delight’s Blog

Thursday, June 18 - Noble Romance Authors at PromoPRP Yahoo Group

Somewhere in the chaos, I graduate. I can finally wave that BS degree, that 40 thousand dollar scrap of paper that now, PROVES to the world that, which I’ve been trying to convince them of for years--I KNOW what I’m talking about.

And don’t argue about the number of candles on my cake. I’m only as old as I feel–Yes, I must endure another birthday celebration also. Dread.

Anyhoo…If you can, come celebrate June, Gay Pride, Pride Month, MY Month with me. Hope to see you there!


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