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*Sneak Peak* EXPOSED, by Bryl R. Tyne

My contribution to the NERDVANA Anthology coming out this FALL from STARbooks Press...

Geeks Rule!
Don't they?

What is it about them we love? The mystery? The quietness? Their brains? Their Converse Sneakers (TM)? No. It's got to be those B.C. glasses, yeah, that's it!

My story, EXPOSED, in the NERDVANA Anthology is coming Fall 2009 from STARbooks Press!

Blurb: Twenty-year-old, computer genius, Clay finessed his way up the ladder at Minsho’s Adult Software Development Company. Plugging away as Artificial Intelligence Specialist and two rungs from Lead Engineer, Clay’s intimidated by Minsho’s new hire, twenty-two-year old, Animation Engineer, Dave.

Dave’s flirtatious nature leaves Clay longing for more than just words and subtle touches though. Warring a mountain of debt, compliments an ex-lover, and focused on earning a promotion, Clay finds battling his feelings for Dave hardest of all. Dave discovers Clay’s ulterior motive saved on his desktop - a hot man-on-man bedroom game, featuring none other than him and Clay. Is Clay using their sex life to cash in on the underground market? Will Clay expose his feelings and his reasons before it’s too late to save their new relationship?

Unedited Teaser:

"Well, are you coming or not?" Becca asked as she wheeled her chair under the desk and picked up her bag. Clay hoped to avoid the inevitable by pretending ignorance. However, Minsho would never buy that excuse, especially after their earlier conversation. Besides, if it meant finding favor…he hated caving in—being soft. "I'm not biking 3 miles to Raymond's. I don't think so. Have a nice—!"

Becca demanded attention as she whipped his chair around. "You're riding with me. So, quit being ridiculous." She yanked him to his feet.

"Let me shut down first for Christ's sake." Clay secured his station, hoisted his backpack, and reluctantly followed her. She seriously needs to get laid…I'm getting sick of this shit. Becca's twenty years old and single. Briefly, Clay wondered; then struggled to erase the revolting mental images. As she turned on to the street, Clay stared at his clunky twelve-speed chained near the door, calculating how many months he'd have to save for an upgrade.


This many bodies crammed into 4000 square foot must certainly be against fire code. Clay fascinated on the ceiling's beam structure as he shoved his way through the crowd, not willing to fall behind. How does she do it? He fumed. Restaurant patrons eloquently parted for Becca, yet they seemed hell bent on blocking his passage. As she disappeared into the sea of people, panic swept through him. His fear of crowds kicked in…Enochlophobia, the shrink told me. Yeah, whatever, I just need to stop, recompose…breathe. Inhaling slowly and adjusting his cap, he wiped the perspiration dotting his temples.

What the hell? He jerked his head toward the owner of the hand that rested on the small of his back. He met hazel eyes…devilish grin. Exactly the reason Clay hated public places. His tongue wet his bottom lip, as menace transformed into opportunity. The man's smiling face inches from his, Clay toyed with the sudden urge to kiss those full lips.

"Excuse me, are you lost?" the man asked. Even touching a total stranger, the man stood confident. Clay shifted to his right, and the comforting palm retreated.

"J-Just lost track of my friend for a minute," Clay managed to blurt out, tearing his gaze away and scanning the crowd.

The stranger smiled and held out his hand. "Dave Hansen," he said.

Clay pushed his glasses up before accepting the handshake. "Clay McCarthy."

"I'm lost myself," Dave said, "looking for a table of folks from Minsho Software."

"Oh, so…" Clay's eyes moved to Dave's hand, the one still holding his. Pulling it away, he wiped the sweat from his brow. "You must be the new guy. What's your specialty?" Not a threat, Clay assured himself as his eyes roamed the man's expanse…Another poser...noting the scuffed biker boots and faded jeans of his too-casual attire…Definitely not one of us.

"Oh, so you're with Minsho's?" Dave asked, with his smile widening into what Clay garnered something between sly and sinister. "I'm an animator. One of the best…So, I'm told."

"Artificial intelligence," Clay said, resolving it'd be a cold day in hell before he'd give Dave any recognition...

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